• 27.02.2020
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   In pursuance of the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 27, 2019, No.RP-4249 “On the Strategy for Further Development and Reformation of the Electric Power Sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan” with the participation of the World Bank, an international expert was invited — a citizen of Georgia Sulkhan Zumburidze as an adviser to the Chairman of the Board of JSC «National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan».

  Based on the results of studying the organization, an international expert identified five significant areas for further improvement:

  Tariff methodology. The existing tariff methodology does not contribute to attracting investment in power grids and does not provide a sufficient level of return on invested capital;
  Organizational structure. Organizational structure JSC «National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan» needs further improvement to achieve higher efficiency.
  A ten-year network development plan. The existing development plan does not take into account the environmental, social and economic aspects of the projects under consideration. The plan also does not take into account short circuit analysis, dynamic stability analysis, harmonic analysis, the possibility of exchanging energy with neighboring countries, new technologies, the possibility of integrating renewable energy sources into the energy system.
  Energy Management System (EMS). At the current stage, an energy management system (EMS) is not used, which contains a set of tools that will help analyze energy data, track energy consumption over time in geographically distributed transmission and generation assets.
  Energy market. Further steps must be taken to open the energy market, including: identifying and dividing the monopoly; adoption of reflective costs of tariffs; separation of regulatory and control bodies; identification of areas of necessary price regulation; introduction of a platform to match supply and demand; development of a market opening strategy.

  In order to further develop JSC «National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan», an international expert has developed a tariff methodology, provided relevant recommendations for improving the structure of the central body of the company, reforming the electricity market in the Republic, implementing the Energy Management System (EMS), as well as recommendations for developing a ten-year development plan electrical networks.

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