The mode of operation of the Uzbekistan energy system restored.
  • 07.01.2021
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   At present, the operating regime of thermal power plants has been fully restored.

   The commission created to study the emergency situation on January 5 on the power lines of the unified energy system of Central Asia determined the cause of the incident.

   According to the primary data, due to the triggered technological protection, an unscheduled shutdown of the combined-cycle plants of the Talimarjan TPP occurred. As a result, there was a surge in capacity on transit lines connecting the Unified Energy System (UES) of Central Asia with the Unified Energy System of Russia and Kazakhstan, which led to the disruption of the stability of the parallel operation of power systems.

   Emergency control systems were activated on the power lines, as a result, the power systems of the Northern part of Kazakhstan were disconnected from the UES of Central Asia. The frequency of the UES Central Asia decreased to 48.15 Hz. At the same time, a number of consumers were disconnected by automatic equipment, and the power units of thermal power plants (TPP) were unloaded.

   It should be noted that the triggered emergency response system prevented the possibility of larger-scale problems and destructive consequences for power units.

   Based on the analysis of what happened, planned measures are developed to prevent such incidents.


Press Service of the Ministry of Energy

Information service of JSC «National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan».
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